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For easy Metaverse, VR, AR and Game dev.

$WIRE Token

Wire Token project helps Wireshape to enable everyone to create new worlds!



3D Scan to Reality Hack

Reality to Virtual Worlds

Wireshape is developing an ecosystem so that reality is ready to be used in virtual worlds, eliminating the complexity, slowness and high cost of creating 3D models. Wireshape reached a highly scalable result in 3D scanning technology, making it possible to generate 3D models just like the real object and ready to use in instants instead of months.

Crypto Tokens and NFTs

Wireshape 3D scanned assets stock brings together contributors from across the globe, who receive token rewards and have their co-authorship guaranteed by NFTs. This global reach has only been possible due to the breaking down of the bureaucratic and expensive barrier of the traditional banking system when dealing with international transactions.

3D Model is the New Black

Filmmakers, Metaverse and Game developers will be able to compose incredibly realistic scenes with just a few clicks. And not just them, researchers already point out that in the near future people will produce and consume 3D models as they produce and consume photos and videos today. We are here to deliver the tools to make this possible.


Traditional Method

The traditional creation of 3D models requires a complex pipeline, which starts with research and conceptual design, goes through 3D modeling and then texturing, where colors and details are added.

Specialized Workforce

Need for highly specialized professionals to create Metaverse, AR, VR, VFX and Game content.

Slow and Expensive

Creation process with hundreds of artists and dedicated software licenses in a back-and-forth workflow.

Lack of Reality

Lack of realistic 3D objects on the industry and creative professionals doing non-creative jobs.

Not Web3 Compatible

Traditional trading method not compatible with metaverse, NFT blockchain and crypto.

Empower People

Metaverse Decentralized

Our purpose is to enable everyone to create new worlds! The metaverse is an immersive 3D environment shared by multiple users. And this new reality is only possible if there are millions of 3D objects that make it up. With Wireshape, people with no technical knowledge of 3D modeling and texturing will be able to create AAA content for the metaverse.


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wire token


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WIRE/USDC | SushiSwap

Farms / Rewards

100M WIRE during 730 days from TGE

  • Subscription Pool - 20%
  • Team & Advisors - 17%
  • Investors - 10%
  • Rewards - 10%
  • Operations - 10%
  • Marketing - 10%
  • Partnerships - 7%
  • Treasury - 5%
  • Liquidity - 5%
  • Public Sale - 5%
  • Community Airdrop - 1%


Token Features

NFT and Crypto Token with true real world use purpose! WIRE Token has not released yet, launching date to be announced.

Token Utility

  • Buy Wireshape Library Subscriptions
  • Access Education Platform
  • Pay Contributors Royalties
  • Buy 3D Scan Software Subscription
  • Holders will access to exclusive events
  • Stake to vote on DAO governance
  • Stake to earn staking rewards

Revenue Streams

  • 3D Scanned Library Subscriptions
  • 10% Royaties from NFT Marketplace Trading
  • Lauchpad for Game/Metaverse projects
  • Cloud Photogrammetry Software Subscription

Our team

Meet The Team That Is Making WIRE Token Happen.

Cristiano Policarpo

Founder & Technology Lead

Ingrid Gomes

Founder & Product Lead

Rubens de Barros

Founder & Content Lead

Juliano Sakai

Community Lead

Claudio Boas

Web3 Advisor

Marcus Drumond

Legal Advisor

Cristiano Teixeira

Blockchain Advisor


Investors and Partners


Polygon Studios



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